Zurich Airport / 5th Expansion

1998 – 2007, Zurich Airport (Switzerland)

Taxiway and Apronlighting (5’000 lights, 800 km Primary cable).
Laser based docking guidance systems on 76 aircraft stands of Terminal A, B and E.
Power supply and distribution in high and low voltage
440 lighting cirquits
420 runway, taxyway and apron signs
FDDI datanetwork, 35km.
Apron and deicingpad flood lighting
Control and monitoring for airport lighting
Introduction of a advanced surface guidance and control system
Inpavement aircraft detection sensors

Project and site surveillance for electrical equipment and visual ground aids. Coordination with civil engineering.

Flughafen Zürich AG

CHF 58 million

Construction unter traffic
First control and monitoring complient to IEC 62 143 « Safety life cycle » and IEC 61 508 on the continent