Munich Airport / Terminal 2

1998 – 2003, Munich Airport (Germany)

Terminal 2
Extension of the control and monitoring system for runway, taxiway and apron lighting
Introduction of a A-SMGCS
240 Detectors for ground traffic
Installation taxiway and apron lighting on apron 2
(3400 Luminaires, 800 km serie circuit cables).
Laserbased advanced docking guidance systems on 72 stands
LV powerdistribution.
Installation of 340 CCR’s with lamp fault and insulation detection
200 Taxiway and apron signs
FDDI Network (35km)

General project and site surveillance with local electrical engineering company. Coordination with civil engineering and architect.

Munich Airport Building Management

EUR 40 million

Construction and installations under traffic
Introduction of a A-SMCGS
Colour coded alternate parallel taxiroutes
Complexe project with numerous of interfaces