Hanover Airport / Apron floodlighting

2011 Р2014, Hanover Airport (Germany)

Measurement of the Illumination levels of the existing floodlighting
Analysis of inconsistences towards actual ICAO and DIN standards
Planning of the LED floodlighting for Terminal A to D and GAT
25 Lightpoles, thereof 12 with UP-Down lift system
142 asymmetric LED Luminaires each with 55klm output performance
Powersupply and distribution
Adaptive light management system in accordance to aircraft movement
Consisting of 25 Peripherie units, control and monitoring desk

Design, project, specification, on site surveillance for electro-mechanics and illumination
Cablebanks, frameworks and coordination with civil engineering
Light measurement, lighing calculations, shadow studies
On site direction and final light measurement

Hannover Airport GmbH

EUR 2,4 million

Worlds first adaptive floodlighting management system
Specification of asymmetric LED Floodlights
Refurbishment of existing apron lighting under traffic
Terminal C, conversion of mirror system by asymmetric LED Luminaires