Aeroplan your partner in Airports

For airports numerous tasks of planning, design and project management handled by Aeroplan include the following:

  • Runway, taxiway and apron lay out development including taxi simulation
  • Peer reviews for airport projects
  • Environmental reviews for green airports
  • SARPS investigations and reports to make safer airports

Our versatile capabilities in such a broad field as the application of electricity enable us to provide optimized services for airport projects:

  • Power and emergency supplies and distribution in HV and LV
  • Aviation ground lighting
  • Advanced surface guidance and surveillance (A-SMGCS) for taxiway and apron lighting providing „follow the greens”
  • Runway, taxiway and apron markings and signage
  • Advanced Docking guidance systems
  • Adaptive Apron and deicing pad floodlighting in LED technology
  • Shelters and areal system for Navigation, Surveillance and Communication
  • Remote and Monitoring system for the airport lighting
  • Weather sensors and observation stations