Aeroplan, Seiterle Engineering AG was founded in 1990 by Alfred Seiterle as a management buy out of the airport division of Bakoplan Electrical Engineering AG in Zurich. Started as a Swiss consultant designing electrical systems for airports, Aeroplan today has aquired worldwide experience in the field of electrical installations for airports, roads, tunnels and metropolitan transportation systems.

As independent consultant, Aeroplan takes care of the client needs and demands. Features of Aeroplans services are technical performance at a high level in the most economic way, dependability and objectivity in consultation, planning and project management.

Aeroplan is engaged in the work of the following organisations

Visual Aids Working Group

TC-97 Standardisation of Airport equipment

TC97x Standardisation of Airport equipment

Aeroplan’s memberships

professional association for electrical, energy and information technology

Swiss Lighting Engineers Society

Swiss Airtraffic Technicians Association

Illumination engineering society of North America